Best Practice Round-Up

Earnsy (rhymes with Guernsey) successfully completed the GDID (Graduate Diploma in Information Design, Ara) in 2017. She’s interested in many aspects of information design and is partial to flat whites. In her quarterly TechCommWire column, she looks for evidence (not just opinions) to help you manage the daily conundrums we face in our profession.

  • When should we use visuals? November 2018 To assemble that chair, start by inserting screw a6 into b1 while holding down c. Got that? No? Why not? It’s a short sentence (15 words) and there are no big words. Would visuals help? When are they a good idea, when not? What do users prefer? Let’s look at the evidence on the use of visuals, compare text and visuals, peek at a comic-style employment contract, and finish with some tips.
  • Asking about Gender August 2018

    Do technical communicators need to think about gender? I think so. We may be asked to review wording in forms or surveys, we may need to develop personas, and we need to ensure our writing doesn’t alienate readers and give them a bad user experience.

  • Deciding between words and tables May 2018

    Looked at the Super Rugby results lately? A bus timetable, perhaps, or the TechCommNZ subscription rates? Chances are, you’d have looked at a table. How should technical communicators decide when to use one?