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Membership Secretary

Contact the TechCommNZ Membership Secretary with inquiries about:

  • joining TechCommNZ
  • your current membership status
  • registering as a corporate member. You must specify your company name on the form. Your company must already be a corporate member of TechCommNZ
  • registering for affiliated membership of TechCommNZ

Business Manager

Contact the TechCommNZ Business Manager if you have:

  • any general questions about TechCommNZ
  • an interest in the mentoring scheme, either as mentor or client
  • inquiries about TechCommNZ events - branch meetings, workshops, conference

You can ask the Business Manager to forward the form to a specific member of the TechCommNZ committee if you wish.

Communications Coordinator

Contact the TechCommNZ Communications Coordinator if you have:

  • feedback about the TechCommWire newsletter
  • ideas for articles that you could write
  • suggestions for future content, or links to interesting material
  • the desire to get involved as an ICT-Connect presenter

Website Administrator

Contact the TechCommNZ Website Administrator about:

  • feedback or comments about this website
  • a link that does not work on this website
  • general information you would like to see posted on the site
  • contributing software reviews for our Software Tools page


Contact the TechCommNZ President.