Online publication

The following tools are used primarily to create a facsimile of an existing document, which can be distributed and displayed easily online.

Name Description
Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat is commonly referred to as "electronic paper" as it creates a facsimile copy of the original document for browsing on screen. Acrobat consists of a publishing tool that converts documents to the Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) and a reader for browsing the converted documents. The Acrobat reader is available free from the Adobe website. The Acrobat suite also includes Catalog which allows collections of PDF files to be searched word by word. Almost any document or diagram can be converted to PDF.
Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files can be converted to PDF with a utility program called PDFMaker (part of the Acrobat suite). PDFMaker converts any hyperlinks in the original documents to operational hyperlinks in the PDF file. It also sets up Word Tables of Contents with links to the pages they reference. Other Adobe products such as FrameMaker provide a direct conversion path to PDF with additional functionality such as hyperlinked indexes.


Provides tools for converting, editing, signing, reviewing, and protecting your PDF files.

Nuance PDF Converter

PDF Converter lets business users improve the way they create, convert, securely share PDF files and collaborate. It features word processor-like editing, real-time interactive collaboration with multiple people, Cloud connectivity, PDF security, compressed PDFs and Dragon Notes.

PDF Converter Elite As PDF reaches ubiquity, the needs of the PDF user become greater. Working with PDF means going beyond just creating. Instead, it can mean extracting data, appending or merging different PDF documents together.

Quite Imposing is a family of plug-ins for Adobes Acrobat 7, 8, 9, "X" (10) and "XI" (11). They do...Imposing. This is all about combining pages onto larger sheets to make books, booklets, or special arrangements.


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