Collaborate 2017 Archive

This archive holds the recordings and slides, if available, of all sessions run at the Collaborate2017 conference.

In-depth information about our presenters, the conference programme, and a list of our sponsors is available in the Conference Booklet.

Note: The scheduled sponsor presentation by Tony Self on responsive web design in RoboHelp 2017 was replaced by a general discussion on users' experiences using the RoboHelp product.

Pre-conference events Sunday 9 April

Day 1 Monday 10 April

Every well organised conference starts with some housekeeping information, e.g. where are the bathrooms, where will breaks be held, general rules of the house, etc. We are no different and we even give a brief introduction to the keynote speakers, as per the following video:

  • Keynote/Plenary session - The future is ... collaborating with machines presented by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler.
  • Parallel session 1 - Looks matter: Designing content to improve usability presented by Cindy Staudt from Streamliners.
  • Parallel session 2 - DITA has changed how we collaborate presented by Rebecca Officer from Allied Telesis.
  • Plenary session 1 - Challenging the status quo: Empowering technical communicators to effect change presented by Anne-Marie Chisnall and Kathryn Reeves from Write Limited.
  • Sponsor presentation - Introduction to the new information design qualifications to be offered by the Ara Institute.
  • Plenary session 2 - Starting a design revolution in your organisation presented by Patrick Hofmann from Google.
  • Parallel session 3 - Getting rid of Done-Done presented by Jo Mills and Peter Clayton-Jones from Orion Health.
  • Parallel session 4 - Real Users and what to do about them presented by Meredith Evans of Synlait Milk

Day 2 Tuesday 11 April

  • Keynote/Plenary session - Can we talk?: Voice, accessibility, bots, and build the future of conversational content presented by Doug Kim from Microsoft.
  • Parallel session 1 - Web metadata for TCs presented by Jaco Swart from Streamliners.
  • Parallel session 2 - Welcome to the real world presented by Cathy Gillespie from Like-minded Learning.
  • Plenary session 1 - Just look at our hot-damn selves presented by Shelly Davies from Shelly Davies Writing & Training.
  • Parallel session 3 - Collaborating remotely presented by Valerie Genet & Sarah Shore from AuCom Electronics.
  • Parallel session 4 - Stirred but not shaken presented by Ruth Hamilton from Writers Inc.
  • Plenary session 2 - Creating splendid videos presented by Grant Mackenzie from RAMM Software.
  • Plenary session 3 - A conversation with The Content Wrangler.

Day 3 Wednesday 12 April

Day three included two half-day workshops. Access to this information is only available to those who registered for the workshops.

  • Workshop 1 - Getting graphic: Overcoming the worst information problems with the best graphic solutions. Presented by Patrick Hofmann Senior User Experience Designer at Google Sydney.
  • Workshop 2 - Let's get inclusive: Does your content exclude potential customers? Presented by Doug Kim, Senior Content manager at Microsoft Seattle.