Some frequently asked membership questions are answered below. If you have additional questions after reviewing this list, please contact our TechCommNZ Membership Secretary.

What are the benefits of TechCommNZ membership?

TechCommNZ serves as a forum for technical communicators throughout New Zealand and offers a variety of professional development, networking and support opportunities. Details of membership benefits are listed on the Membership Benefits page.

Does TechCommNZ offer a corporate membership?

Yes. Organisations with four or more staff involved in any aspect of technical communication are encouraged to join TechCommNZ as corporate members. For more information, see how Corporate Membership works.

How much is the TechCommNZ membership subscription?

Annual subscription rates are based on the membership type: individual, student or corporate. Full details of the current subscription rates are on the Subscription Rates page. There is a one-time joining fee for corporate members to cover administration costs.

What qualifications are required to become a TechCommNZ member?

Membership of TechCommNZ is open to anyone who wishes to join the Association. Membership is most appropriate for those who are involved in the development of business or technical documentation. For further details, see TechCommNZ Membership Terms and Conditions and also "Who belongs to TechCommNZ?" below.

Who belongs to TechCommNZ?

TechCommNZ's membership includes technical communicators employed in a wide range of job disciplines including technical and business writers, editors, UI/UX designers, graphic artists, illustrators, managers, educators, trainers, students and independent consultants.

What is required to qualify as a TechCommNZ student member?

To qualify as a student member, students must be engaged in full-time or part-time study of technical communications and related subjects and must provide a photocopy of their student ID card for the current academic year.

How many members are there in TechCommNZ?

As of April 2021, TechCommNZ has 76 individual members, 19 student members, 3 life members and 371 corporate members in 23 companies throughout New Zealand. Most members are located in the main centres with about 16% in Auckland, 40% in Christchurch, 26% in Wellington and the remaining 18% in other areas from Whangārei to Dunedin.

Can I form a local TechCommNZ branch?

TechCommNZ is keen to encourage members to form local branches. To discuss how to go about forming a branch in your area, please contact the TechCommNZ President. TechCommNZ already has a number of local branches.

Does TechCommNZ hold a conference?

Yes. The TechCommNZ conference is every two years. Recent conferences include:

  • September 2005 in Christchurch
  • November 2007 in Wellington
  • A writers forum mini-conference in October 2008 in Auckland
  • September 2010 in Wellington
  • October 2012 in Auckland
  • October 2014 in Christchurch
  • April 2017 in Auckland
  • October 2019 in Tauranga

Does TechCommNZ run training courses?

Yes. TechCommNZ runs training workshops and webinars on areas of interest related to technical communication. The workshops are scheduled 2-3 times each year and are normally held in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. The webinars may also be scheduled several times each year.

Has TechCommNZ conducted a salary survey, and if so, how can I obtain a copy?

TechCommNZ has conducted salary and hourly-rate surveys annually since 2000. The results of these surveys are available to TechCommNZ members only on the members area of the TechCommNZ website.

How do I find out financial information about TechCommNZ?

If you need to find out our GST or bank account number or other details relating to making or receiving payments, please contact the TechCommNZ Business Manager. Some financial information is available in our payment terms and conditions.