Learning Management Systems

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs.

Here is one article that gives more information on learning management systems.

There are many such applications available of which a few are listed below.

Name Description

It is a free, open-source learning management system and is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors.

With customisable management features, it is used to create private websites with online courses for educators and trainers to achieve learning goals. Moodle (acronym for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment) allows for extending and tailoring learning environments using community sourced plugins.


Docebo (from the Latin “I will teach” and pronounced “Doe-chey-boe”) is a cloud-based learning management system that makes learning, coaching and sharing easy, cost-effective and scalable.


Blackboard Open LMS™ provides a strong, open source foundation for competency-based blended, online and professional learning to drive institutional and organisational effectiveness.

Adobe Captivate Prime

It is a next-gen Learning Management System that delivers personalised learning experiences across multiple devices


Saba’s learning management technology can support your current and future talent initiatives by making learning accessible and meaningful, optimising costs, and providing you with the tools you need to effectively manage your training programs.


OB3 is the app for online academic study. Within 60 minutes author and share meaningful independent and collaborative study documents, without support of an educational designer or technologist. Documents can take the form of curriculum content, essays, reflections, practice experience, and professional portfolios. Activities in OB3 promote the development of active learning communities, in study programmes using blended, flipped classroom, problem-based, or deeper learning approaches.


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