Professional Development

Knowledge and Skills Development

One of the main aims of TechCommNZ is to support the professional development of its members. Industry organisations like TechCommNZ can provide training and resources that allow you to extend your knowledge and skills by:

  • contributing to or belonging to discussion forums
  • attending or delivering networking events that include presentations or seminars
  • attending or delivering short training courses, workshops or webinars
  • attending conferences as a delegate or presenter.

Some of these types of professional development may provide certificates of attendance or completion, but do not usually try to establish your competence in the topics covered.

Professional Competence

Academic institutions and professional certifying bodies provide further training that allows you to gain and then demonstrate various types of competence, including:

  • academic courses leading to recognised qualifications such as diplomas or degrees
  • enhanced membership grades of professional or industry organisations
  • certification of professional competence.

For further information on professional development opportunities, please read through other pages in this section of the website.

Professional Development Survey

Click here to see the results of a survey carried out amongst members of TechCommNZ and TWIA.