Membership Types

TechCommNZ offers three classes of financial membership: student, individual, corporate. All classes are entitled to the same benefits, but cater for different types of members. In addition, members of selected organisations are offered a special type of membership called affiliated membership.

  • Student membership is for full-time and part-time students of technical communication and related subjects, and the fees are structured accordingly.
  • Individual membership is for technical communicators who work on contract or are employed in full-time jobs in small to medium-sized organisations.
  • Corporate membership is for larger organisations with four or more technical communicators. Effective from 1 July 2021 corporate membership is offered at four different levels, as follows:
    1. Corporate Membership L1 - organisations with up to 10 technical communicators.
    2. Corporate Membership L2 - organisations with 11-15 technical communicators.
    3. Corporate Membership L3 - organisations with 15 to 20 technical communicators.
    4. Corporate Membership L4 - organisations with more than 20 technical communicators.

    Find out more about corporate membership.

  • Affiliated membership. TechCommNZ also offers special reciprocal "member rates" for event registrations to members of selected organisations. Find out more about affiliated membership.
  • Free Account is for those who do not wish to take out financial membership, but would like to receive emails about our events. It also allows registration for our events and access to our newsletter.

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