TechCommNZ Conferences

Conferences are usually run biennially. However, due to the number of conferences in 2016, which will be of interest to our members, we have decided to plan for our next conference to be in Auckland in April 2017.

TechCommNZ conferences (and theme):

  • 2014 - Rydges Latimer Hotel in Christchurch from 13-14th October 2014, with post-conference workshops on 15th October 2014 (Communicating Change). See the Conference 2014 brochure (PDF).

  • 2012 - Quality Hotel Parnell in Auckland from 25-26th October 2012, with pre-conference and post-conference workshops on 24th and 27th October 2012 respectively (New directions in technical communication). See the Conference 2012 brochure (PDF).
  • 2010 - James Cook Hotel in Wellington from 2-3rd September 2010 (Intranet Solutions - Delivering information - enhancing communication). See the Conference 2010 Brochure (PDF).

  • 2008 -Writers' Forum conference, Unitec in Auckland from 9-10th October 2008.See TechCommNZ Writers' Forum 2008 - Presenters (PDF).

  • 2007 - Duxton Hotel in Wellington from 7-9th November 2007 (Absolutely Positively Cutting Edge: Communication Strategies for the 21st Century). See TechCommNZ Conference 2007 - Presenters (PDF).

  • 2005 - Rydges Hotel in Christchurch from 8-9th September 2002 (Communicating with users: moving online and to the web). See the Conference 2005 brochure (PDF).

  • 2003 - Centra Auckland Airport Hotel, Auckland from 4-5th September 2003. (Focus on Users). See the Conference 2003 brochure (PDF).

  • 2001 - Waipuna Lodge, Auckland (The Way Ahead 2001 Strategic Pathways for technical communicators).

  • 2000 - Waipuna Lodge, Auckland (Delivering the Message - Design and Strategies for the 21st Century).

  • 1999 - Barrycourt Hotel, Auckland (Expanding our Horizons - Documentation for 2000 and Beyond).