Conference 2019 Archive

This archive holds the slides, if available, of all sessions run at the Conference 2019 held at the Trinity Wharf Hotel in Tauranga from 16 -18 October 2019.

Pre-conference events Tuesday 15 October

The evening kicked off with the pre-conference welcome reception.

This was followed by the AGM at which three board members retired. A new Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and three new board members were appointed.

Day 1 Wednesday 16 October

The day started with a pōwhiri. We were welcomed into the conference by a Matua Tāmati Tata of Ngāi Tamarāwaho, a hapū of Ngāti Ranginui. Our response, in Te Reo Maori, was given by Peter Nock and by our keynote speaker, Doug Kim. This was followed by a lovely rendering of an Hawaiian song by Doug's wife, Kale. This prompted an unscheduled response from Tāmati Tata who whipped out his banjo and sang another song from Hawaii.

Every well organised conference provides some housekeeping information, e.g. where are the bathrooms, where will breaks be held, general rules of the house, etc. This year we invited Alexa to provide us with this important information. Our own Shelly Davies provided Alexa with the appropriate script.

Let the conference proper commence.

  • Keynote session - From pop to laptops: Building a sustainable career in technical communication. Presented by Doug Kim - Senior Content Manager, Microsoft, USA.
  • Session 1 - Making our content sustainable. Presented by Swapnil Ogale - Write The Docs Australia Initiator & MadCap Expert, Australia.
  • Session 2 - How to write good. Presented by Nat Janke-Gilman.- Technical Writer, Meridian Energy, NZ
  • Session 3 - What if we really just meant empathy? Presented by Shelly Davies - Rockstar Trainer and Writer, NZ.
  • Session 4 - Xero case study - Appcues meets WorkflowMax. Presented by Steve Moss - Education Content Creator, WorkflowMax, NZ.
  • Session 5 - From TL:DR to RTFM – overcoming audience reluctance. Presented by Emily Cotlier- Consultant, Write Ltd, NZ.
  • Session 6 - Yes, but I have my phone. Presented by Grant Mackenzie - Technical Communicator, Ramm Software Group, NZ.

Day 2 Thursday 17 October

  • Session 1 - Can I do Javascript #1? Presented by Tony Self- Co-founder of and Consultant with Hyperwrite in Australia.
  • Session 2 - Can I do Javascript #2? Presented by Dave Gash -Technical Publications Specialist from Southern California,
  • Session 3 - Trim the mainsail! How speaking a common language helps organisations stay their course. Presented by Eithne Sweeney - Director & Co-founder of Wires Uncrossed, NZ.
  • Session 4 - Adobe RoboHelp 2019 Workshop. Presented by Tony Self from Hyperwrite.
  • Session 5 - Go with the (work) flow:Facilitating UX in your workplace. Presented by Cindy Staudt - User Experience Designer, Streamliners, NZ.
  • Session 6 - Panel discussion. Facilitator Abhay Chokshi.
  • Session 7 - Loving Framemaker 2019. Presented by Rebecca Officer - Allied Telesis, NZ.
  • Session 8 - Diversity & inclusion in the workplace - an interactive session. Presented by Doug Kim and Shelly Davies.

Day 3 Friday 18 October

  • Workshop 1 - Career reinvention workshop. Presented by Doug Kim.
  • Workshop 2 - Fighting the good plain language fight. Presented by Shelly Davies.


Abhay Chokshi, our photographer extraordinaire, was popping up all over the place to snap us, usually when we weren't looking. The results of his efforts can be seen in an album at