TechCommNZ Webinar - Using technical vocabulary to bust myths in aviation

About this webinar

  • A failure in communication between air traffic controllers and pilots has caused serious accidents in aviation. These accidents resulted in the implementation of language teaching, training and testing policies at an international level
  • But those policies are based on a number of assumptions and consequently, do not adequately address the problems
  • What can a technical vocabulary approach tell us about these assumptions and communication between air traffic controllers, pilots and other aviation personnel?

Date and time

The webinar will be held on Thursday 8 December 2022 from 11:00am - 12 noon NZDT, (9:00am - 10:00 pm AEDT)


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About the presenter

Jenny has a background in adult education and has worked in the aviation sector for ten years. Initially, she taught English to trainee pilots and air traffic controllers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She then trained with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to become a course developer and worked closely with air traffic control subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop courses in human factors, aviation safety and incident investigation. She was also accredited to test air traffic controllers' language ability. At the same time, she began master’s level study in applied linguistics and was frustrated by the lack of textbooks, research and clear direction for aviation communication training. Consequently, she returned to New Zealand to complete her research and write a thesis about communication in emergencies. Her plan was to go back to the UAE, but covid struck! Instead, she stayed in New Zealand and published two articles and a book chapter about her research. Another book chapter is underway. She has given a number of talks about her work at local and international conferences. Currently, she works in the information design team at Airways, New Zealand.

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