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May 2022

Best speech-to-text software

TechRadar give us their thoughts on the best speech-to-text software this year. They include paid and free options, with reasons to buy and reasons to avoid for each one.

Best speech-to-text software 2022 (TechRadar)

Aegisub - free open source professional quality subtitling software

Watch these 5 short tutorials and you'll be able to subtitle a movie. There's a free option for subtitling training and instructional videos. You can export your files in .srt and .ass format to use with video players like V.

Aegisub Lesson 1 - Getting Started with Subtitles & Timing (7:12)

Aegisub Lesson 2 - Move and Resize Text (5:21)

Aegisub Lesson 3 - Edit Font, Color, Size and Create Custom Styles (7:21)

Aegisub Lesson 4 - Save and Export Subtitles (5:07)

Aegisub Lesson 5 - How to Translate Video Subtitles (4:10)

Dyslexie font makes reading easier for people with dyslexia

You can use this font just like any other font on the web or in a word processor. It's uniquely designed to minimise turning, mirroring, and swapping and switching letters while you read. Have a look at the Dyslexie font website – the whole site uses the font, so you can see it in action!


Online Māori translation app

Are you looking to translate a word, a few words, or a lot of words into Māori?

Ōkupu introduce themselves as the first Māori online translation service that connects users with real, fluent Māori language translators. It's funded by Māori media funding agency Te Māngai Pāho and caters for all sizes of translation, from a single word to large documents.

Ōkupu (open beta)

The Essential Mindset: Upskilling for the New Workplace

We’re living in the age of convergence, where data, technology and communications are merging and changing the way that we live. AI and robotics are transforming the nature of work. What skills and knowledge are in demand now? What will you need in the future workplace?

In this webinar, CJ Walker talks about upskilling and an attitude of lifelong learning as critical for content professionals in the new AI age. She discusses how to upskill, what skills are needed now and in the future, how to adjust your mindset, and what strategies you can use to flourish in the new world of human-machine interfaces.

If you’re feeling like a glimpse into the future, check it out.

The Essential Mindset: Upskilling for the New Workplace