Auckland Branch Event - Creating tech comms in an Agile environment

Our development teams often work in an Agile iterative environment, such as Scrum, delivering value every few weeks. How can we create documentation that our customers value, at the same pace without compromising on quality? How can we collaborate with our development teams to help us all understand our contribution better?

In this talk, Gareth Holebrook will take you through the benefits of an iterative approach and how it can support us in delighting our customers while providing minimal viable documentation and avoiding mini-waterfall.

Where and when

Fraedom Limited, Level 7, 8 Mahuhu Crescent, Auckland. ( see map)

T hursday 6th September 2018: 5:30 pm networking,. Meeting from 6:00pm until around 7:30 pm.


The cost includes nibbles and drinks. People who register via the website:

  • Members $11.50 incl GST.
  • Non-members $17.25 incl GST
  • Student members free of charge.

People who pay at the door:

  • Members 15.00 incl GST
  • Non-members $20.00 incl GST
  • Student members free of charge.

Note: Members = members of TechCommNZ and affiliated organisations: NZATD, ASTC, PRINZ

About the presenter

Gareth is a recent Agile Practice Lead at Fraedom, who serves 10 Scrum Masters who in turn support 20 development teams. The Fraedom Practice Model doesn’t require managers and so Gareth is more of a team coach. His background is in Agile Transformations across the banking sector and was an Agile Trainer for Software Education.

He has held positions across a broad spectrum of Engineering/IT roles during his 15 years as a Project Manager. He has worked in the UK and New Zealand within the Electronics, Electro-mechanical Design, Manufacturing and IT fields in Consumer Electronics, Defence, Finance and Telecommunications sectors.

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