Christchurch Branch Event: A ranticle in support of “me”

When is a pet peeve more than just a pet peeve? When it drives I crazy!

Emma Harding is known for her concern for the larger issues in technical communication. Read Watch Those Writing Pet Peeves if you don’t believe me. However, when a grammatical error is widespread and just plain wrong, she reckons it’s time to get together and wring our hands over a glass of wine or two.

If you’d think twice before saying that “the odds are against you and me”, it’s time for a grammar tune-up! Come along to Streamliners, either for some group therapy, or possibly for re-education, in the use of I and me. Let’s re-establish “me” as a perfectly lovely word, and give “myself” the boot.

And since pet peeves are (let’s face it) quite fun, we’ll make sure there are some fun (and possibly trouble-making) games for everyone. Bring your smartphone!

Where and when

Streamliners, 4 Acton Street, Christchurch Central map

Wednesday 18 April. 5:30 pm networking. Meeting from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm.


The cost includes nibbles and drinks.

People who register via the website:

  • Members $11.50 incl GST.
  • Non-members $17.25 incl GST
  • Student members free of charge.

People who pay at the door:

  • Members 15.00 incl GST
  • Non-members $20.00 incl GST
  • Student members free of charge.

Note: Members = members of TechCommNZ and affiliated organisations: NZATD, TWIA, PRINZ

About the speaker

Emma's core expertise is in content strategy, with a focus on information content. Since 1999, she has been leading a team of technical communicators at Streamliners.

These days, she shares responsibility for recruitment and leadership in the Streamliners technical writing teams, which are growing rapidly as their products gain market share. Their technical writers are creating content that is making a real difference in New Zealand and beyond – helping a wide variety of professionals in medical centres, hospitals, schools, councils, and corporations to access the information they need to get on with the job.

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