Southern Communicator

October (PDF)

  • Foreword: Certification A Pathway to Professionalism, Tony Self
  • Professional Development and Recognition of Technical Communicators, Steve Moss and Sue Woolley
  • How to WriteEffective Brochures, Jonathan Kranz
  • Getting the Most out of your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Lynne Laracy
  • Certification the STC Way, Ana Young
  • Multi-Language Online Publishing made Easy, Alex Johnson
  • Designing for Mobile Devices, Sofie Bird
  • Tricolons, the Magic of Threes and Readable Text, Simon Carter
  • Where is my Document?, Paul Trotter
  • Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBoK), Steve Moss and Sue Woolley
  • Web Tips, Ben Hunt
  • PowerPoint One PC, Two Views, Frank Munday

June (PDF)

  • Backword: Sentence vs Heading Case , Janet Taylor
  • Help Videos 101, Grant Mackenzie
  • Creating Mobile Apps without Coding, Neil Perlin
  • Book Review: EPUB Straight to the Point, Howard Silcock
  • Agile Development A Guide for Technical Communicators Part 2 of 2, Cerys Willoughby
  • Minify Javascript and CSS, Janet Taylor
  • How do You Write a Business Proposal?, Sue Woolley
  • New Software Documentation Standards, Richard Hodgkinson
  • Using PowerPoint as a Presentation Aid, Frank Munday
  • MS Word Header and Footer Magic, Steve Moss

February (PDF)

  • Foreword Publish or Perish, Margaret Hassall
  • Keeping your Customer Happy It Takes More Than Words, Elizabeth Abbott
  • Workshops to Webinars: Time to Make the Move?, Steve Moss
  • WG 2 Meets in Sydney, Richard Hodgkinson
  • Harry Becks Underground Map, Richard Truscott
  • Information, Meaning, and Grammar Part 2 , Michael Lewis
  • Agile Development A Guide for Technical Communicators Part 1, Cerys Willoughby
  • Webinar Blueprint, Steve Moss