Southern Communicator

October (PDF)

  • Foreword: Standards relating to IT documentation, Daryl Colquhoun
  • A Report from UA Europe 2011, Dave Gash
  • The Plain English Movement Just Got Moving, Sue Woolley
  • Using Internet Graphics in Your Documentation, Jonathan Kantor
  • Passive Be Damned Part 2: Passive Resistance, Stu Allan and Professor Kon Kuiper
  • FrameMaker Automation Under One Roof - TOOLBOX review, Andy Lewis
  • Book Review The Surgeon of Crowthorne by Simon Winchester, Sue Woolley
  • The Art of Presentation 10 Tips for Creating Great Presentations, Dr Chris Dorsey
  • The DITA Style Guide by Tony Self, reviewed by Sue Woolley
  • Information, Meaning, and Grammar, Michael Lewis
  • Document Layout Tips, Rhonda Bracey

June (PDF)

  • Foreword: Become a dinosaur, Sue Woolley
  • Technical Communication 2011 Report from Writers UA Conference, Emily Cotlier
  • SharePointWhats the Fuss All About?, Howard Silcock
  • UsabilitySome Second Thoughts, Jon Jermey
  • Introducing the Android Operating System, Janet Taylor
  • Passive Be Damned Part 1: The Man was Eaten by the Tiger, Stu Allan & Professor Kon Kuiper
  • Automated Conversion to eBook: Problems and Limitations, Devorah Bloom & Vincent B. Donadio
  • Not the Negative, Irene Wong

February (PDF)

  • Foreword: What Do You Do?, Bede Sunter
  • Software Review: PerfectIt, Janet Taylor
  • Cloud Computing and Technical Communication: Hype or Help?, Sharon Burton
  • Audio and Visual Editing on a Budget, Margaret Hassall
  • Preparing Your Documents for Online Conversion, Janet Taylor
  • Documents are Made for People, Dr Robert Eagleson
  • Questions about Graphics from Word to Web, Rhonda Bracey
  • Collaborating in the Cloud with Acrobat, Alan Houser
  • Australian Technical Communicator Salary Survey, Elizabeth Abbott
  • Book Review: New Perspectives on Technical Editing edited by Avon J Murphy, by Steve Moss
  • Book Review: Designing intranets by James Robertson, by Janet Taylor