Southern Communicator

October (PDF)

  • Foreword: Future Challenges for our Profession, Margery Watson
  • Trends, Tools and Techniques in Technical Communication, Matthew Ellison interview
  • Eggcorns, Poor English and Unwords, Frank Munday
  • Six Word Macro Tips You Dont Want to Miss, Craig Haiss
  • Are Your Bullets Backfiring? Part 2, Irene Wong
  • Do You Know Adobe Acrobat?, Alan Houser
  • The State of Technical Communicators in Australia, Elizabeth Abbott
  • Using Em and En Rules, Mary Morel
  • A Snapshot of Technical Communication in New Zealand, Steve Moss
  • Know When You've Hit the Caps Lock Key, Janet Taylor
  • Book Review: Brain Rules by John Medina, Janet Taylor
  • Using that Special Windows Flag Key, Rhonda Bracey

June (PDF)

  • Foreword: Information Management for the 21st Century, Andrea Tapp
  • Making the Business Case for Plain English, Lynda Harris
  • Are Your Bullets Backfiring?, Irene Wong
  • Click Here to Download the Internet: A Beginners Guide to Scams and Malware , Phil Hayes
  • Creating E-Learning from PowerPoint , Charles Cave
  • Introducing AIR Help, Scott Prentice
  • Where's my Web Site?, Paul Ridoutt
  • Google Adwords and Google Analytics, Sue Woolley
  • Using Non-Text Explanations, Simon Carter
  • Five Tips to Help you Create Clearer, Smarter Tables in Word, Simon Carter

February (PDF)

  • Foreword: Is Rhetorical Writing our New Destiny?, Tony Self
  • Putting Together a Training Course, Warren Singer
  • All You Need to Know About Copyright, Lucinda Edwards
  • Worlds Worst Error Messages, Frank Munday
  • The Benefits of Self Publishing, Mary Morel
  • Are You Really Self Publishing or Not?, Susan Daffron
  • Migrating to Word 2007 Quickly and Efficiently, Andrew Lockton
  • Book Review: Fancy Form Design, Janet Taylor