Southern Communicator

December (PDF)

  • Foreword: Contributing to Southern Communicator, Andrea Tappe
  • On wikis and the death of technical writing, Geoffrey Marnell
  • Usabiltity tesing and technical communcation Why should we care?. Alison Reynolds
  • What s Instructional Design, Jennie Douglas
  • Software documentation needs to be eaiser, Mike Hamilton, Madcap Software
  • Subject matter interview techniques for technical writers, HCi Professional Services
  • The birth of WinANT, Tony Self
  • Wong words and wisuals, Irene Wong
  • Pioneering tutor first overseas recipient of STC Award, CPIT Media Release
  • The case for indexing, Sue Woolley
  • Improving the appearance of your technical documents, Catherine S Hibbard
  • Keeping in touch, Sue Woolley

August (PDF)

  • Foreword: What do employers want?, Alison Reynolds
  • PowerPoint: tool or tyrant?, Rob McGregor & Greg Pendlebury
  • What is Instructional Design?, Jennie Douglas
  • Programming Word mail merges, Jane Tuckwell
  • 5th World Conference of Science Journalists, Janette Busch
  • Working with List styles in Microsoft Word, Steve Moss
  • It's May, so it must be Moscow ISO/IEC meets again, Daryl Colquhoun
  • Google wants to help you!, Eeva O'Mara & Jonathan Moffett

April (PDF)

  • Foreword: Typography and fonts, Bede Sunter
  • How fonts and formats need to work together, David Whitbread
  • XML tools come of age ... but only some of them, Phil Cohen
  • What is ClearType?, Simon Daniels
  • Beautiful informationmore than just skin deep, Greg Pendlebury & Janice Leong
  • Making the Letters Better: New Fonts for Microsoft Vista, Jensen Harris
  • A Comparison: Flare 2.5 and RoboHelp 6, Mike Hamilton
  • Book Review: The Design Manual by David Whitbread, Janet Taylor