Wellington Branch Event: From TL:DR to RTFM - overcoming audience reluctance (conference talk) and end-of-year celebration

Emily Cotlier will present her conference talk

Fresh from speaking at the TechCommNZ conference, Emily Cotlier examines a burning issue for all of us - why aren’t people reading what we write, and what can we do about it?

Research in 2018 showed that only 24% of users read their software or tech product documentation. That impacts us as technical communicators. It affects how people feel about our content. How we get resources allocated to us. Even if we get hired at all.

She’ll share how to turn ‘too long: didn’t read’ into ‘read the FABULOUS manual.’

We’ll also have an end-of-year celebration!

This will be the last Wellington branch event for the year and time to sneak in an end-of-year celebration before your social calendar ramps up.

An inspiring talk, interesting company, and the best pizza in Wellington – a great way to end the year with Wellington TechCommNZ.

Where and when

Date: Wednesday 27 November 2019

Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm.

Location: Write Limited Level 7 AMI Plaza Building. See map.


The cost includes nibbles and drinks.

People who register via the website:

  • Members $11.50 incl GST.
  • Non-members $17.25 incl GST
  • Student members free of charge.

People who pay at the door:

  • Members 15.00 incl GST
  • Non-members $20.00 incl GST
  • Student members free of charge.

Note: Members = members of TechCommNZ and affiliated organisations: NZATD, ASTC.

About the speaker

Emily Cotlier is a senior technical communicator dedicated to best practice for documentation, training, and online information. Born and educated in the U.S.A., she moved to New Zealand after earning her Master’s Degree in Scientific/Technical Communication at Drexel University.

As a technical writer, she has documented software, machines, and engineering processes. Her more memorable projects included editing content about meat-cutting robots, documenting moa bone curation, and judging the New Zealand Plain English Awards.

Emily is now a consultant at Write Limited in Wellington, focusing on technical communication and plain English. With Write, she travels around New Zealand, providing training and solving challenges for complex documentation projects.

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