Create Splendid Videos - Auckland Workshop

Video-based material can provide users with accessible, easy-to-follow and easy-to-use instructions in a wide range of situations.

Grant Mackenzie is renowned for his instructional video production skills and has delivered entertaining and informative presentations at the two most recent TechCommNZ conferences.

In this workshop, Grant will show you just how he develops these videos.

In the following video he tells you why should should attend this workshop.

What you'll learn

You will learn about the following areas as they relate to producing instructional videos:

  • performing a basic audience analysis
  • developing the script for your video
  • using basic features of a video production software tool
  • incorporating still images in the video
  • basic screen-capture techniques
  • extending the screen-capture material with call-outs, transitions, zooming and panning and other enhancements
  • using 'magic moments' to engage the viewer
  • keeping track (and control) of your files
  • preparing the voice-over
  • producing and uploading the video to a suitable delivery site


This will be a hands-on workshop. All participants will have the opportunity to learn, first by listening, and then by doing. Each participant will receive a flash drive with a set of files for each of the twelve discrete workshop lessons. This is a time-saving tactic so that in order to perform the relevant actions, the setup has already been completed for the user. They can then concentrate on performing the actions to master the learning points, and not spend the day dealing with peripheral and setup issues.

After the workshop, each participant will retain this file set so that they can practise and perfect the video processes in their own time and at their own pace.

What you will need

You will need the following hardware and software to participate in the workshop:

  • A Windows laptop with plenty of power; Apple laptops will not be compatible with the files supplied.
  • Trial versions of Camtasia Studio and SnagIt, if you do not already have the paid versions. Trial versions can be downloaded from Techsmith; Camtasia for 30 days and SnagIt for 15 days.
  • A text editor; Notepad++ is recommended.
  • An Internet browser.
  • If you have an iOS or Android 'phone please download the free Techsmith Fuse application.

Date and time

Monday 13 July 2015.

Please arrive at 8:30am so that Grant can check you have the correct software and files. Tea and coffee will be available and you will have the chance to socialise before a prompt start is made at 9:00am. Finish will be at 5:00pm.


This workshop will be held at:

Quality Hotel Parnell
10-20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland. See map


Costs for this workshop are:

  • $333.50 (incl GST) for members
  • $230.00 (incl GST) for student members
  • $488.75 (incl GST) for non-members

Members = Members of TechCommNZ and affiliated organisations including ASTC, NZATD, PRINZ.

About Grant Mackenzie

Grant is the sole technical communicator for RAMM Software Ltd, a New Zealand owned and operated Grant Mackenzie with green screen software house for which he formerly composed print, online and context-sensitive Help files. Now, the user assistance he creates is almost exclusively in the video format, much of which is produced on his iPad.

At the 2010 TechCommNZ conference Grant's presentation Video Killed the Redundant Writer offered a decision path for anyone considering creating their own library of video Help files. At the 2012 TechCommNZ conference, his presentation Quill to iPad was a case study of the creation of such a library.

Grant is married to Joan who is the book manager for NZ's largest chain of bookstores. They have four children. Life is good.

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