TechCommNZ Executive

Meredith Evans


Meredith completed a Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication in 2002 and has been working in technical communications ever since, first at Streamliners and now at Synlait Milk. Meredith has a passion for software. She has a particular interest in creating user documentation for information technology, especially ERP systems, and in working on content strategy and solutions. Meredith has also dabbled in training and e-Learning content development and has recently been having fun producing e-Learning with Articulate Storyline. When not at work or wrangling two young boys, Meredith can be found at dog agility competitions, either chasing her own dogs around the course or standing in the middle as the judge.

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Kaye Churches


Kaye's an experienced practitioner in tech comms, business comms, product management, and business analysis - she's been around a while.

Currently working in rural Canterbury at Synlait Milk on projects in the BusinessTransformation team, you may see her staring at the mountains or watching milk tankers come and go when she should be writing.

An outspoken Plain English enthusiast, Kaye has a particular interest in information design and architecture - looks do matter and so does being able to find stuff.

She's a graduate of the CPIT GDID programme and was recently involved in coordinating the last two TechCommNZ conferences.

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Jane Armstrong


Jane works at CORE Education as a project manager and content writer/developer. In her role she creates videos and develops content to support teachers and school leaders with developing e-learning and inclusive practice. Writing and presenting content that is easily accessible and understood is key in her role.

Beginning her career as a primary school teacher with a BEd, Jane then moved into content writing and development for educators which she has been doing for the past 10 years.

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Rob Grover

Honorary Treasurer

Rob Grover has recently switched his career focus from music performance and teaching to technical communication. He is in the final stages of a Graduate Diploma of Information Design at CPIT, completing an internship with the SCIRT Learning Legacy project. This has involved user research to define the needs and expectations of the future Learning Legacy users, then representing those through a set of user personas. In mid-November he joins the HealthPathways team at Streamliners. When he's not studying, working, or having his arm twisted to join committees, Rob writes his own blues/rock/folk/soul music.

Roy McKone

Business Manager

Roy has been a self employed technical communicator since the beginning of 1998. Prior to this he has had substantial experience in the IT industry in management, sales, solution design, software development and technical roles. During his career Roy also had to develop a wide range of documentation from technical through to sales proposals.

Combining these various skills and experiences with formal training in Information Mapping, Roy has since been involved in a number of major documentation projects with IBM, Vodafone, Placemakers, to name but a few. Roy is now retired and based in Tauranga.

Contact phone number: +64 7 543-3533

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Abhay Chokshi

Board member

Abhay is a computer science engineering graduate who stumbled upon technical communication in 2008. He loves language and technology equally, which helps him solve most problems at work. He has been working in the software industry for 10 years and has evolved from being a technical writer to an information engineer. He is extremely passionate about tech comm and has been dedicated to the community. He understands graphics and social media and tries to use these effectively in the field. When not thinking about work, Abhay becomes a little creative. He has a keen interest in people, stories, and poetry. His maiden Hindi poetry collection, Kavyanaam was published in 2013.

Earnsy Liu

Board member

Earnsy (rhymes with Guernsey) successfully completed the GDID (Graduate Diploma in Information Design, Ara) in 2017. She is interested in many aspects of information design and is partial to flat whites.

Peter Nock

Board member

Peter is currently the Ara Manager of Computing for Free community learning centres. In his previous role as an Academic Team Leader, he was looking for the "next step" in his career and discovered the GDID programme at CPIT. Having experience in writing educational materials, course books and project planning he found the programme rewarding and useful. While not working in the technical writing industry, the skills and knowledge gained in the GDID programme have proved immensely useful and applicable in his current management role. As a GDID student he joined up with TechCommNZ and attended the 2012 conference - and somehow found himself on the board...

Shelly Davies

Board Member

Shelly Davies, managing director of Hamilton-based Shelly Davies Writing & Training, bounced unconventionally and entertainingly into the New Zealand communications landscape in 2012.With a brand that’s exploded across a surprising mix of sectors and industries she’s now leading the pack.

“Brand Shelly” is out of the box, bubbly, pretty damn irresistible, more than a little sassy, and rapidly giving fewer and fewer f*cks what anyone thinks.And it’s working.Her writing is sharp, sought after, and highly paid. Her trainings are high energy, instantly impactful, and booked up to two years in advance.

She did her time in the classroom torturing teenagers and indoctrinating university students with academic conventions.She killed off one husband, kicked out another one, and popped out three money-sucking vampires.And then she discovered something amazing: good writing PAYS. And like common sense, it ain’t common.

Katie Haggath

Board Member

When Katie first went to university, she thought she wanted to be a vet. Thankfully she came to her senses, and studied English, Media, and Communications instead. Then Katie found technical communication when she was a student workplace volunteer, and she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She’s still waiting for that last bit to happen.

Katie worked as a freelance writer and English tutor before joining TechCommNZ in 2016. She never lost her passion for volunteering, and formalised TechCommNZs Student Outreach Programme early this year. Since then, the Student Outreach Programme has presented to over 600 students in three cities. Going forward, Katie will be looking to build on these strong foundations by facilitating work experience and internship opportunities for students.

When Katie is not volunteering her time to TechCommNZ, or investing it in her own business, she likes writing, walking, riding, and all things fur and fowl except turkeys. They sense fear.

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