Rosalie Chamberlain

About Rosalie


Her specialty skills are:

  • Helping businesses to create clear, easy to read content and communications.
  • Writing plain English content for websites.
  • Making complex information simple.
  • Simplifying processes, policies and procedures.
  • Helping project teams to engage with stakeholders.

Work experience

Specialty areas: Business, compliance, digital/web content best practice, plain English and technical.

25+ years' experience in writing, editing, communications, marketing and management.

Freelancer/Technical writer for Government websites, 2008 to now, including:

  • MBIE Health and Safety Information Hub Review, 2017–2018.
  • Standards New Zealand Touchstone website, 2008–2015 and from January 2018.
  • Companies Office Website Refresh Project, 2017.
  • TEC Website Redevelopment Project, 2016.
  • Immigration NZ Website Redevelopment Project, 2015.
  • Consumer Affairs Consumer Law Review Project, 2014.
  • Compliance Matters Tool, a Result 9 Project, 2013.

My writing has been published in many sector specific trade magazines and websites, including: Public sector magazine, Build magazine (BRANZ), Kiwi Families website and Her magazine.

Type of work required

I provide freelance content writing, editing and communications services:

  • Technical writing, editing, reviewing, communications.
  • Helping businesses and the Government to create easy to read digital content for websites and communications.
  • Providing specialist communications and writing support to IT, website redevelopment and change management projects.
  • Simplifying technical information and writing clear, plain English content that is relevant to the reader.
  • Developing internal and external communications plans and material across channels.

Contact details


Posted on TechCommNZ website 18 January 2018.