Wellington Branch Event - Website audience analysis for SCIRT

SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) is rebuilding the city's earthquake-damaged roads, fresh water, wastewater and storm water networks. Come along and hear Rob Grover talk about the SCIRT Learning Legacy project - a website that SCIRT is developing to collate all of the learning that has occurred throughout the SCIRT lifecycle, and make it accessible to future users. Attendees at the Christchurch conference may have heard Cathy Gillespie present this project; Rob's talk complements her presentation.

As part of his GDID internship, Rob has been conducting audience analysis for the website, which will contain a wide scope of resources aimed at users both locally and internationally. The presentation will focus on how Rob went about researching such a wide range of users, and how he communicated their various needs and expectations to the wider project team.

About the Speaker

Rob Grover

Rob Grover is currently completing the Graduate Diploma of Information Design at CPIT. Throughout his studies he has developed a particular interest in the principles of user-centred design, which led to an internship opportunity with the SCIRT Learning Legacy project. This has involved carrying out user research to define the needs and expectations of the future Learning Legacy users, then representing those through a set of user personas.

Rob is now excited about the opportunity of taking on a new career and exploring the world of technical communication. But he hasn't entirely left his roots behind - with a background in music performance and teaching - he has a BMus - Rob has a particular passion for guitar and voice. He writes his own blues/rock/folk/soul music which you can check out on Sound Cloud.


Write Limited, Level 7, AMI Plaza,
342 Lambton Quay, Wellington map


Tuesday 10 February 2015 5:00 - 7:00 pm


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