Workshop: Creating presentations that connect -Christchurch

Your Attention Please! Creating presentations that connect

How working with the quirks of human attention and memory can enhance your slideshows and presentations.

A great presenter can grab and keep their audience’s attention, while helping people to digest information and also remember key information and learning points.

Unfortunately, the human brain has some peculiarities. Which means that if you’re not careful, your presentation materials and style can make it harder for people to pay attention. You may even be ‘training’ your audience to forget what you’re trying to communicate.

This practical, interactive workshop looks at the science behind ‘what just works’ in creating memorable presentations and offers advice on how to turn these human mental quirks to your advantage.

We’ll work through live, practical examples to illustrate the ideas being discussed, and participants are invited to bring laptops along so they can apply these principles to their own work during the day. Whether you want to present yourself and your ideas in a meeting, during a sales pitch or online, you’ll find this workshop valuable and instructive.

Topics will include

  • Discover what visual communication does best
  • Grabbing and keeping attention
  • Multimodal learning
  • Exploiting the brain’s parallel processing ability to speed up learning
  • Why language processing & multitasking don’t mix
  • The redundancy effect and the split attention effect
  • Avoiding cognitive overload
  • The primacy and recency effects
  • Repetition blindness
  • Uses and abuses of transitions and animations
  • The Rule of Thirds and other visual gimmicks
  • Narrative tension & emotional engagement
  • The adult attention span
  • Using the space in the room, and on the screen, to reinforce learning
  • Tailoring your presentation to diverse learning preferences and needs
  • The demands placed on attention by web-based presentations.


Anyone who needs to give a slide-driven presentation and would like to learn how to increase their impact and effectiveness.


A basic understanding of a presentation tool such as PowerPoint, Keynote or Impress.


Costs for the workshop are:

  • Members: $280.00 plus GST
  • Student members: $160.00 plus GST
  • Affiliate members: $320.00 plus GST
  • Non-members: $400.00 plus GST.

Note: Cost covers tea/coffee, a light lunch and course materials.

Please read our payment terms and conditions.

Session details


Friday 23 August 2019 Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm Tea and coffee will be served on arrival from 8:30am.

Location: Ara Hornby Education Centre, Brynly Street, Hornby ( location map)

Please review the map or directions to the venue you will be visiting. You might find it useful to print them out for reference on the day of the workshop.

About the Presenter

Jay is a communication skills specialist with many years’ experience designing and delivering training programmes for wide range of organisations of all types and sizes. Originally from the UK, she has experience working within diverse cultures, having delivered training throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America as well as extensively throughout New Zealand during her 17 years here. She also manages a public training portfolio for one of NZs largest private business training providers.

Jay’s interest in the visual aspects of communication stems from many years watching images used both very well, and very badly by trainers and presenters. This led her to explore the principles of multimedia communication, and to develop this course.

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