Workshop: Let's get inclusive. Does your content exclude potential customers?

Does your content exclude potential customers? Learn how to go broader with the Microsoft Inclusive Design process. This workshop will guide participants through hands-on exercises that rethink product development and content. You’ll emerge with ideas and tools for broadening your audiences and empathizing with the needs and capabilities of your customers.


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  • Non-members: $350.75 incl GST.

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Session details

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Tea and coffee will be served on arrival from 1:00pm.

Location: Quality Hotel Parnell,

20 Gladstone Road Parnell, Auckland 1052 ( location map)

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About the presenter

Doug Kim spent his formative years in journalism, where he eventually became Arts and Entertainment editor of The Seattle Times. He’s been at Microsoft for eight years, where, amongst other things, he’s led efforts to revamp the voice and tone of content and UI text in the Microsoft Office suite and improve video and multimedia content.

More recently, he drove the content strategy for the Bing-based content form known as Instant Answers for Windows 10. While continuing to nurture Instant Answers, he leads a team focused on accessibility, Inclusive Design and Microsoft’s experimental new Virtual Support Agent. So yes, he went from editing Britney Spears reviews and restaurant coverage to technical content, but in his mind it all makes sense.

Little known fact: Doug once got into a shouting match with Sean Connery. No winner was declared, but it makes for a good story.

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