Could you be our next Business Manager?

August 2023

The Business Manager is a paid part-time role as well as an important position on our board. As a member of the TechCommNZ board, the Business Manager handles a number of tasks. Responsibilities include:

  • managing TechCommNZ financial accounts through the TechCommNZ website and the Reckon Hosted financial system
  • managing membership records and annual subscriptions
  • filing annual GST returns with the Inland Revenue Department
  • maintaining TechCommNZ details on the Companies Office Incorporated Societies register
  • maintaining the TechCommNZ website, including:
    • setting up event details
    • emailing members about events
    • dealing with enquiries coming from people through the website.
  • helping run events, including:
    • setting budgets
    • handling event registrations
    • handling venue requirements

The time required to perform the role varies throughout the year. This depends on what is happening, for example, dealing with subscription renewals, organising events, general financial requirements, etc. Over the course of a year the time would, on average, be about 10 hours per week.

Are you interested? Do you know someone else who’d be great for the job?

Email with your CV and a short cover letter explaining why you’d like to apply.