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April 2023

Moving towards systems thinking with developer portals

Should we be looking at how application programming interfaces (APIs) interact as a network rather than just documenting each API as a standalone part? Tom Johnson says to thrive in a hyper-specialised world, we have to focus on the bigger picture, on connecting the dots across multiple products, services, and more as a technology ecosystem.

Beyond 'parts' documentation: moving towards systems thinking with developer portals

Visual thinking - do you think you can't draw?

Confident with words but don't think you can draw? Dave Gray's short, free course offers basic skills and a 12-symbol visual alphabet that will allow you to draw anything, even chickens.

Visual thinking short course (free!)

How to design a quick reference card - a case study

What's your process for creating a quick reference card? Have a look at this case study for some tips and resources.

How to design a quick reference card - a case study

Blog recommendation: GatherContent

This blog has a lot of technical communication-related articles, covering content design to marketing, to free tools and resources.

GatherContent blog archive

Newsletter recommendation: Tech Wrap-Up Australia

If you're super into tech, you might want to subscribe to the Tech Wrap-Up Australia newsletter by LinkedIn News Australia.

It's new, so they've only written a handful of editions so far, but you can check out the European version too for variety.

Tech Wrap-Up Australia newsletter

Tech Wrap-Up Europe newsletter

Radio New Zealand’s articles on artificial intelligence (AI)

Here are a couple of interesting articles on AI like ChatGPT we’ve seen from Radio New Zealand recently. You may find yourself going down a rabbit hole – there’s plenty more related articles on their website.

AI detection software activated in New Zealand

New Zealand universities can now detect if students have used AI like ChatGPT in their papers, thanks to new functionality switched on in their submission platforms. The question is whether it will prove to be effective.

Software to detect use of AI systems like ChatGPT activated in New Zealand

AI experts and executives calling for development pause

Experts are calling for a pause on AI development, until independent experts can develop, implement and audit safety protocols.

Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and others call for pause on AI development, citing risk to humanity