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September 2022

tcworld magazine by tekom

tekom Europe is the world’s largest technical communication organisation.

Register for free to read 3 articles every 2 months from their tcworld magazine (technical communication and international information management). In their words, they ‘focus on how companies live up to the challenges of communicating with customers, partners and employees in an increasing number of international markets’.

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Digital accessibility training on offer with Intopia

Does your workplace have UX designers, developers, testers or content writers keen to build their digital accessibility skills? Intopia offers a range of courses targeted to each of these roles. November and December dates are available now – get a group together for a great group rate.

Make sure you check these out and get ahead of the curve. The demand for accessible content across our industry is only going to keep growing!

Intopia’s digital accessibility training

How smartphones fragment our attention span

"We become the 'frazzled maximalist,'... with uninterrupted time shattered 'into shards too small to support the presence necessary for an intentional life.'" Tom Johnson (a technical writer working for Google) writes about realising that the ever-available information in the smartphone in his pocket was capturing every free moment of attention and affecting his attention span. He describes his basic phone experiment and what he discovered when he turned down the ‘firehose of incoming information’.

Tom’s blog post: My awakening moment about how smartphones fragment our attention span

Writing philosophy: every page is page one

As part of his series on technical communication trends he's followed or forgotten, Tom Johnson looks at the 'every page is page one' writing philosophy. It considers how people read and move around the web - that is, people bounce around between pages and sites - compared to more orderly reading (like following a table of contents) in other channels like books and print.

Tom’s blog post: Every page is page one

Results from the Adobe Technical Communication Industry Survey 2022

Read the 2022 survey results from technical communicators around the world: challenges, opinions, trends and making an impact. You'll need to enter your details to download the whitepaper.

Adobe's whitepaper: technical communication survey findings 2022