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July 2022

Strategies for tacit knowledge transfer

Looking for some ideas around uncovering and transmitting tacit knowledge (knowledge you gain from experience) to individuals, teams and organisations? Check out this short article by Connie Malamed (The ELearning Coach). She covers:

  • why transferring tacit knowledge is essential
  • how to recognise tacit knowledge in individuals
  • six methods for uncovering and transmitting tacit knowledge
  • factors that make transferring tacit knowledge easier.

Strategies for tacit knowledge transfer

Inclusive user experience (UX) design matters!

Trina Moore Pervall (UX Researcher and Designer) breaks down UX design, accessible UX design, inclusive UX design and why inclusion matters.

This article is packed full of examples and important questions we should be asking ourselves about our content as modern, inclusive technical communicators. There’s also a massive list of related resources, from articles to talks to courses. This one really is an information gold mine.

A beginner’s guide to inclusive UX design

The Accessibility Not-Checklist

Intopia have released the beta version of their Accessibility Not-Checklist – a guide to help you check you haven’t missed anything when you’re creating accessible web content. Even if you’re just getting started with accessibility, or you’re not the content publisher or web developer, or you don’t really understand the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), this is still a seriously handy tool.

You can use it to double-check elements of plain language and good content structure, or to help explain to the content publisher how you need that content to work for readers.

Intopia’s overview of the not-checklist

The Accessibility Not-Checklist

Free Adobe Stock photos, vectors, and videos

You can now access a huge library of high-definition stock images and video clips through Adobe! And if you’re an Adobe Cloud member, you can access the full collection with no extra cost: over 200 million images!

Free Adobe Stock photos, vectors and videos

The wonderful world of no code tools: a conversation with Mike Taylor and Mathias Vermeulen

"If you like to design, if you're a techie, if you're exploding with ideas or if you just like nerdy fun", you may be interested in this podcast by Connie Malamed (The ELearning Coach). The episode explores "the wonderful world of no code tools" - tools that you can use to automate tasks and build apps and websites without needing to have any programming skills.

Connie and her guests discuss:

  • differences between no code and low code tools
  • pricing
  • criteria for selecting tools
  • how to get started.

They share all kinds of examples of no code tool use, along with some no code tools to get you started.

The wonderful world of no code tools