Calling board members, branch co-ordinators, mentors and featured technical communicators

May 2022

If you're looking for ways to share knowledge or grow your leadership skills, TechCommNZ has plenty of opportunities for you.

We’re always keen to hear from members who may be available to contribute in the following ways.

Please contact

Board members

Help us make great decisions with our entire membership in mind, and keep our content and strategic goals fresh, relevant and modern. We’re interested in growing our board to include a wider range of representatives across our individual members, member organisations and students. Past experience on a board is fantastic, but we also welcome members with no past experience who’d like to learn the ropes.

Board member benefits

You'll get free access to any events we run, like webinars and conferences. We hold board meetings once a month on Zoom. We'll cover your travel expenses if we have a face-to-face meeting.

Branch co-ordinators

Our Wellington Branch Co-ordinator role is currently vacant. The role can be filled by one person, but ideally a team of at least two people is better, to share ideas and responsibilities. Responsibilities include:

  • identifying possible topics of interest for branch meetings
  • identifying a suitable presenter for each topic
  • setting meeting dates
  • attending meetings on the night to welcome the presenter and the members.

If you’re local and enjoy networking, connecting people and organising catch ups, this could be a great opportunity for you.


We know our members have invaluable skills and experience to share with others getting started in our industry who may need a helping hand. The time you spend mentoring and the activities it includes are flexible and negotiable with the person you mentor. We’ve had some awesome mentoring successes through our mentoring scheme, creating lifelong professional relationships and friendships.

If you think you could donate some time to mentoring, please reach out to us.

Our mentoring scheme (more information)

Mentoring success story - Manjari Kulkarni and Emily Cotlier

Featured technical communicators

From time to time we feature a technical communicator in our newsletters. We always get positive feedback on those articles. People enjoy hearing real stories about what other technical communicators are doing in their everyday work.

We’re on the hunt for more members we could feature. Do you know someone who does interesting mahi that you think others would like to hear about? Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us about your work and experience as a technical communicator?

Please don't be shy; please get in touch!