Notice of the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand Annual General Meeting 2021

September 2021

Members are invited to join the TechCommNZ annual general meeting, which will be 11:00am on Sunday 7 November 2021.

This will be a Zoom meeting only (meeting ID is 85854244566 and the password is 595047).


A remit is a proposed change to the TechCommNZ constitution.

As per s11.2 of the Constitution, all remits must be sent to votersat least two months before the AGM.

If you want to propose a change to the constitution, email before 8 September.

Read the remits proposed by the TechCommNZ board for 2021

Vote online for changes to TechCommNZ Constitution

Positions open for nomination

The National Committee comprises the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, six or more elected board members and any members co-opted by the Board. The following positions are open for nomination:

  • Vice President
  • Board Members (5)

Nominations should be sent to

Current Board

  • President: Katie Haggath
  • Vice-president: Meredith Evans (standing down)
  • Secretary: Emma Reynolds (joined in Oct 2019, position is contestable)
  • Honorary Treasurer: Roy McKone (Business Manager, appointed by the Board)
  • Peter Nock (standing down)
  • Steph Prince
  • Megan Bennett (joined in Oct 2019, coming to end of 2-year term)
  • Noel Anderton (joined in Oct 2019, coming to end of 2-year term)

Other roles

These roles can be appointed by the incoming Board.

  • Webinar & workshop coordinator: Noel Anderton
  • Auckland Branch Coordinator: Abhay Chokshi
  • Christchurch Branch Coordinator: Emma Harding
  • Wellington Branch Coordinator: Megan Bennett

TechCommNZ AGM 2021 Agenda

  1. Attendance apologies
  2. Minutes and matters arising
  3. President’s report
  4. Vice-president’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Strategic Plan - update
  7. Nominations and elections for: Vice-President and Board members (5)
  8. General business