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September 2021

Blue wires like fibre optic cables that transport data

This month: Ever wondered what our fellow tech communicators do all day? Read the case studies and see. Get some tips for improving your Microsoft Teams posting efforts. Check out Techradar’s picks for best free editing software for 2021 — plus advice for amateurs to experts. And find out how to reuse content successfully.

A day in the life of a technical communicator

Find out what a typical day involves for a range of technical communicators in the UK and Ireland in these case studies from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC)’s Communicator Journal.

Each case study is a great mix of the work and life activities of a technical communicator. They discuss work stuff – the tasks, tools, and work processes. But they also tell us about the more human experiences that make up their day. For example, what happens between waking up to sitting down at their desk or laptop, what they do at lunchtime, or how they balance work with childcare. Seeing how people intertwine outside life with work makes for an interesting read!

Read the case studies

Microsoft Teams — Perfectly Polished Posts

Do you post stuff in Microsoft Teams? Want to do it better?!

Up your posting game with these tips from regarding365.com on how to communicate and collaborate better in Teams. Short, sharp tips with videos to match show how it doesn’t take much to get the most out of this collaboration tool.

The writer, Megan Strant, is a Change Management Consultant and Microsoft MVP passionate about driving advanced ways of working with Office 365 and to improve end-user experience.

Read how to perfectly polish your posts in Microsoft Teams

The best free video editing software 2021

We've been talking a lot about video recently – and not just because the Plain English Awards asked for video entries this year! Techradar have ranked the best video editing tools for 2021 with reasons to use and reasons to avoid. They'll even tell you what to go for if you're an amateur, and what you might be interested in as a video editing expert!

Check out TechRadar’s list of best free video editing software for this year

Content reuse: How do you recognize redundancy?

Watch the webcast or read the transcript: From tools, to best practice, to free advice... Chris and Alan cast some light on the pitfalls of moving into content reuse and single sourcing, how to handle legacy content, and how to manage your single sourced content to avoid the redundancy problem in the future.

Webinar panelists:

  • Alan Pringle, Chief Operating Officer at Scriptorium
  • Chris Hill, Technical Product Manager at Data Conversion Laboratory

Watch the webcast or read the transcript