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April 2021

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Good news! If you're looking for a free PDF editor or wanting help to write in a second language, you might find some answers here. Perhaps you’re looking for a reason not to write web FAQs – hint: you don’t have to! Or maybe you’ve been searching for some shocking examples of writing to prove how necessary plain language writing is. Read on for support and advice in all of these topics.

Best free PDF editors 2021: edit PDF documents the easy way

If you belong to an organisation, chances are you won't need this link. Or maybe you do. TechRadar review the best free PDF editors available, break down the reasons to use and reasons to avoid, and compare them for you in this handy list. They even update the list every year! If you (or your boss) are looking for a cheaper alternative to your usual PDF-editing tools then this is one to bookmark.

10 writing tips for the struggling ESL science writer

Are you writing in a language that is not your first language? This article offers specific tips about the pitfalls of the English language, but their advice works for anyone writing in their second language (no matter what that language may be).

Why your website doesn't need FAQs

If you write clear, concise, well-planned web content, it shouldn't be hard for your readers to find what they need. But, it's often a staple or a habit of many web content writers to write FAQs alongside their main content. Read on to find out why you really don't need them.

Funny user guide

Need to make your point about plain language? Struggling to find an example of heinously bad instructions with which to make your point? Sarah Maddox and her followers have helpfully compiled the very worst for your viewing (dis)pleasure.