Plain English Awards are back for 2021!

April 2021

It’s time again for the Plain English Awards, and we’re hoping to see some great entries from our members this year.

Past award winners and current board members, Meredith and Steph, share their thoughts on the awards night.

“Winning the TechCommNZ Plain English Technical Communicator Award was an amazing feeling and it wasn’t even that hard to enter! It’s a great way to get some feedback from your work and if you win you get an amazing shiny pointy trophy and some cool bragging rights. I recommend it!” – Meredith

“Winning a Plain English Award was one of the highlights of my career as a plain language writer. It felt awesome to be recognised and to celebrate the value of plain English with my peers across New Zealand.”– Steph

The themes, award categories and key dates for this year’s awards are out now on the Plain English Awards website.

Get excited about this year’s Plain English Awards!