June 2020

More than 50 technical writers at Streamliners work on HealthPathways, an online community of health practitioners providing clinical guidance for doctors in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

As global concern over COVID-19 grew in early January, the HealthPathways Community - 45 regionally-based HealthPathways teams supporting medical care for nearly 30 million people - began contingency planning. By early March, Streamliners HealthPathways writers were working exclusively on COVID-19 guidance for frontline medical professionals.

The resulting HealthPathways COVID-19 response package, developed in collaboration with an international team of clinical editors, was released in March. Content is customised and regularly updated for each local environment and includes managing patients, protecting front-line health workers, and communicating impacts on local health services. To support awareness and alignment across each regional health sector, local HealthPathways teams connect with and update their own clinical networks and stakeholders, enabling a connectedness that is often rare in fragmented health systems.

The writing team and support staff at Streamliners rapidly developed faster ways of working to keep up with rapid turnaround times, and switched to a rostered system providing coverage from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and sometimes later, 7 days a week.

Messages of appreciation from health practitioners across the HealthPathways Community have flowed in since the material was first made available.

Find out more about the HealthPathwaysCOVID-19 response package at HealthPathways