Trotter Returns to Operational Role at Author-it

20 August 2019

Author-it Software Corporation’s founder, Paul Trotter, has taken up an operational role after several years involved in the company purely at a governance level. As the new head of Author-it Product, he is focussing on performance improvements, a new cross-browser web authoring client, enhancements to the review tool, and Magellan – Author-it’s new HTML5 Web Help and documentation solution, which is currently in beta testing.

Trotter himself remains in Auckland, but most of the NZ-based staff are now in Wellington and Palmerston North, under the leadership of CEO, Paul Reid (formerly of Figured). The Netherlands-based development and implementation team led by Peter Stroes of Author-it Europe, will continue to work alongside the team based in NZ.

The company still has a significant presence in the US, where it has developed Docuvera, a niche solution for the complex documentation needs of the biopharmaceutical industry.

And in exciting news for TechCommNZ members, Author-it Software Corporation has demonstrated its commitment to the New Zealand market by providing Gold sponsorship to the TechCommNZ conference in October. Paul Trotter and Matt Armstrong will be at the conference and available to answer delegates’ questions about all things Author-it.