Wellington branch report – we’re back!


July 2019

A weeknight in the first week of August is an ambitious date to keep a Wellingtonian out after dark. But perhaps the lure of a warm place, drink in hand and some great people to chat with might just do it.

Yep, we’re starting regular Wellington branch meetings again for TechCommNZ. First up is SEO tips and tricks with Ryan McMillan from Atlas Digital. And just a general catch up because it’s been a while!

We’re also lucky enough to have Write offer their rooms to meet in - a central cosy spot with great facilities. Did I mention there’d be drinks and nibbles, too?

We have a new Wellington branch coordinator

That’s me – Megan Bennett! Five years ago, I joined TCANZ because our tutors for the Graduate Diploma of Information Design (GDID) I was studying told us it was a great place to learn, network, and get a feel for the industry. And they were right!

I’ve since been to TechCommNZ Auckland and Hamilton branch meetings, workshops, the 2017 conference, and ITx 2018. And everyone I’ve met along the way has been … bloody helpful!

I’m a newbie Wellingtonian

I moved to Wellington late last year for a Digital Content Advisor role at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Ministry’s a new world for me, but full of interesting subjects and subject matter experts. And plenty of chances to practice my plain English skills.

Driving or walking around Wellington cracking up at where houses are built is one of my fave things to do at the weekend. It’s a crazy place – in a great way. But chilled as well. And everyone knows this also goes for Wellingtonians. No butter ups – ‘tis true.

I used to wear redbands to work!

While studying the GDID, I also helped my brother run his conservation fieldwork company.

It was great practice to manage information flow and adapt content for audiences ranging from councils, DOC, regulators, landowners, iwi, forestry, and other stakeholders through to the coalface – our field workers (occasionally me!).

It’s even better practice when you’re regularly found sitting with your laptop in a Hilux on the side of a windy metal road because it’s the only place with enough coverage to upload content to your extranet - the one you built to manage the complex information flow!

Information management and design – Kiwi styles.

So, we’ll see you at the meetings!

Branch meetings will be relaxed, but useful. We might join up with our Auckland and Christchurch members virtually, or we may go casual and meet at a café or bar for a change. If you’ve got any ideas or requests, let me know.

And if August evenings out aren’t your thing, there’ll be more regular opportunities to join in!