Let's Tech Communicate

October 2018

Image of Katie Haggath looking Snappy in her Snappy Communication t-shirt. It's got a green logo that spells out Snappy Communication. The S looks like the tail of a crocodile.

Katie Haggath

It’s October. We’re all cheerfully pretending the stores aren’t really stocking Advent Calendars already and that 10 weeks ‘til Christmas sounds like plenty of time to get stuff done. Did that scare you? Good. Dust off the cobwebs and break out your pumpkin spice. It’s Halloween!

It's Halloween; everyone's entitled to one good scare…

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few Horror stories, and boy have we got some treats for you! Throw on your cut-up sheet, add some white stage-makeup, and practice your groan. The first door you’re knocking on is 3 Corporate Training Tech Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them. After all, there’s nothing quite like a good cringe story, that special kind of schadenfreude that can only come from both pity and the joy of thinking “At least it didn’t happen to me!”

Then, get your Deerstalker out and fire up your Mystery Machine! The mysterious case of the manual with disappearing content will give you Goosebumps… or make you speechless with rage.

It’s aliiiive

A Frankenbook is organized neither for linear reading, nor for random access. No matter where you land in it, you are in the middle of a maze with buttons to move up, down, or sideways, but no means of finding the end of any thread of narrative, great or small. Every page is page 297 and none of them answer your question, or help you find a page that does. Frankenbooks Must Die.


You might think your tiny grey cubicle is sucking the life out of you… and you’d be right. Brace yourselves for A Tech Writer’s Halloween Tale. Warning: side effects may include shivers, fits, feeling old, and side-eyeing your boss.

It’s showtime!

From groan worthy puns to easy group costumes made of craft paper – sweep the office best-dressed with 35 Work-Friendly Halloween Costumes for [People] Who Waited ‘Til The Last Minute.