W3C Announces New Publishing Standards Working Group

July 2017

Traditional book

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently announced a new Publishing Working Group that should arguably attract the attention of technical communicators. The group is exploring the value in combining the tradition of portable, bounded publications (books and other documents) with the "pervasive accessibility, addressability, and interconnectedness of the Open Web Platform (OWP)".

The stated mission of the Publishing Working Group is:

"to enable all publications — with all their specificities and traditions — to become first-class entities on the Web. The WG will provide the necessary technologies on the Open Web Platform to make the combination of traditional publishing and the Web complete in terms of accessibility, usability, portability, distribution, archiving, offline access, and reliable cross referencing."

As technical communicators, do we need to take an interest in how these standards develop? Should we even consider getting involved? Christchurch TechCommNZ member, Kevin Prince, suggests we "...probably should be if there is someone with the relevant interest and passion." Maybe this is you!

If you're interested in reading more about the evolution of this standard:

Thanks to Kevin Prince of Access1in5 for bringing this news to our attention