From the President

July 2017

Emma Harding

In this, my last President's report, I look both ways. Forward, to Rebecca Cox's July workshops in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch (have you registered yet?). Forward, to the AGM in Christchurch, starring the utterly inimitable Constance Craving. And momentarily back, with a smile and nostalgic tear.

UX methods for technical writers, with Rebecca Cox

This is a one-day, hands-on workshop which will look at how to:

  • apply user-centred design (UCD) approaches to technical writing products.
  • step through the process in practice.
  • convince people that this is worth doing.

In today's TechCommWire, Jim Costello interviews Rebecca Cox about her work.

Register for this workshop today:

Auckland (24 July), Wellington (26 July), and Christchurch (28 July)

Constance Craving – for friendship and fun

I've known Maryanne Cathro, AKA Constance Craving, for 15 years. I vividly remember visiting her in about 2003 at Humanware, where (among other things) she wrote user manuals for loading into BrailleNote devices. I'd never thought about writing for an audience who would listen to the manual. For me, it was a fascinating introduction to writing for blind users, and one which made a deep impact.

Part of the joy in this work, for me, was interacting with Maryanne, who is an inspiring and positively brilliant person. And now, in addition to running her own Wellington-based craft store, and doing contract technical writing, Maryanne has an alter ego who is coming to Christchurch to entertain us! Please do come and meet my friend Maryanne/Constance at our AGM in Christchurch on Sunday, 23 July.

Choose the Board you want

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that we are starting to gather nominations for the TechCommNZ board. The future of TechCommNZ is looking bright and shiny, with several new faces putting themselves forward for selection. And with Constance Craving providing the entertainment on a wintery Sunday afternoon in Christchurch, it's likely to be fun! If you're attending in person, please register (it's free).

We will be emailing you soon with details of:

  • nominations received so far (we can continue to receive nominations until 2 hours before the meeting).
  • how you can join us remotely, if you can't get to Christchurch.

On a personal note

Am I stepping down from this role because I'm sick of it? Hell, no! I have absolutely loved representing technical communicators in New Zealand. Working on the Board has been a lot of fun and personally fulfilling. Did I mention the friends I've made?

However, since I took over from the wonderful Steve Moss in October 2014, my job at Streamliners in Christchurch has grown a lot. It's time for me to focus on the technical communicators in my work place. I believe passionately in what they – and all of us – do for a job, and I will continue to help behind the scenes to promote our profession here in Godzone.

Thank you to all who have helped me along the way. There are too many to mention here.

With very best wishes to all members, sponsors, supporters, and of course, the new Board!