Southern Communicator

June 2017 ( View as PDF)

  • From the editor’s desk Ana Young gives us an outline of what to expect in this issue of Southern Communicator.
  • Foreword: New tribes - Rhonda Bracey gives us an insight into our working world and how we operate within it.
  • Technical Writing by the Numbers. Brian Lindgren uses some amusing advertisements to make a serious point: how you express numbers is just as important as words in getting your message to readers.
  • Design words with data. John Saito explains how data informs the writing at Dropbox.
  • Using variables in Flare to simplify PDF templates. Daniel Ferguson explains how Flare variables are an easy, yet powerful way to simplify single‐sourcing in Flare.
  • ASTC Conference notice
  • Too many words. Irene Wong's tips tell us how to reduce our text and why we should.
  • Is Zoomin in your future? Janet Taylor interviewed Joe Gelb to learn about Zoomin, a new era in software designed to take care of that exploding volume of content we are faced with.
  • The three ingredients of cost‐effective writing. Simon Hertnon asserts that there a three key ways to reduce the cost of the documentation process.
  • Seven habits of highly effective technical writers. Barry Saiff gives us his opinion on what makes a great technical writer.

February 2017 (View as PDF)

  • From the editor's desk Ana Young gives us an outline of what to expect in this issue of Southern Communicator.
  • Foreword: Why technical writers are driving the customer experience bus Joe Gelb challenges the doomsayers with a different view of the with a different view of the future for technical communicators.
  • Alliteration has no right to work as well as it does Irene Wong makes a case for us to use alliteration in our work.
  • What is the user experience of content? Content strategist, Augustin Kendall, describes his four must-haves when preparing content and gives us a very easy to understand analogy.
  • What every technical writer should know about graphic formats Daryl Colquhoun shares some of his extensive knowledge of graphics.
  • Welcome to the Write the Docs community Swapnil Ogale introduces Write the docs to Australian technical communicators.
  • Generate content from source code using doxygen Grant Noble suggests you consider using doxygen to keep your API documentation up to date.
  • TechCommNZ Conference - Collaborate 2017
  • How to become a more confident speaker Grant Baldwin gives his advice on how to become a more relaxed, confident speaker.
  • Increase the clarity of text by using ASD Simplified Technical English (STE) Mike Unwalla discusses the benefits and potential drawbacks of using STE.
  • Windows 10 tip: Reset your PC completely Ed Bott gives a really handy tip for an option we may all need at some time or another.