Southern Communicator

October (PDF)

  • Foreword Why are there so few technical writers? Dr Tony Self
  • Getting there with Google, Suchi Govindarajan
  • Ethics and Technical Communication: The Obligation to Instruct, Geoffrey Marnell
  • Word: Deleting a Locked Text Box, Rhonda Bracey
  • How to Write for Translation, Fraser Robinson
  • Text Alternatives for Web Page Images, Dey Alexander
  • Graphic/Text Alternative Decision Tree, Dey Alexander
  • The Three Approaches to Professionalization in Technical Communication Part 1, Saul Carliner
  • Time to Refresh Your Logo?, David Whitbread
  • Books Worth Charging off to Buy, Irene Wong
  • How to write...a Biography, Resume or CV, Jill Townsend

June (PDF)

  • Foreword Changes in the Technical Communication Business, Elizabeth Abbott
  • Harry Becks Underground Map Revisited, Sue Woolley and Sharen Paine
  • Understanding eBooks Part 2 Converting Documents to eBooks, Carin van Bolderen
  • Quill to iPad, Grant Mackenzie
  • Five Opportunities to Communicate the Value of Technical Communication Products and Services, Saul Carliner
  • Set Up a Self-Hosted WordPress Site, Charlotte Brogden
  • How to Write Numbered Lists, Janet Taylor
  • Adobe Day Highlights from the STC Summit in Atlanta, Maxwell B. Hoffmann


  • Foreword Ambushed by change, Bede Sunter
  • Understanding eBooks Part 1, Carin van Bolderen
  • Rediscovering Rhetoric: Persuasion for Technical Communicators, Dr Neil James
  • Whats in a Name?, Irene Wong
  • User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX), Janet Taylor
  • The Smart Buddy System at Sawtell Public School, Michael Cheers
  • Why Airways Chose Author-it when Deploying SharePoint, Emma Harding
  • See what I mean: How to use comics to communicate ideas by Kevin Cheng, reviewed by Irene Wong
  • A Well-Planned Sign, Irene Wong