Southern Communicator

October (PDF)

  • Foreword: Viva le Joint Conference, Geoffrey Marnell
  • Using a Wiki for Technical Documentation, Sarah Maddox
  • Top Crow: In Tough Times, Melanie Doulton
  • Word 2007: Tip, Howard Silcock
  • Follow the Standard? A Directory of Standards, Richard Hodgkinson
  • Trends in British Technical Communication, Marian Newell
  • StepOne Free Google Wizard Writer, Greg Collette
  • Software Documentation How much or how little?, Sue Woolley
  • Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way: Book Review, Janet Taylor

June (PDF)

  • Foreword: Who Put the Technical in Technical Communication?, Maryanne Cathro
  • Forms: The Art of Writing Very Little, Gerry Gaffney
  • Entering Uncommon CharactersThe Power of Unicode, Geoffrey Marnell
  • The Writings on the Wall for the Worlds Endangered Writing Systems, Karen Stollznow
  • A Brief Look at Unicode's Origins, Janet Taylor
  • Report on Documentation Standards Meeting in Nanning, China, Daryl Colquhoun
  • Speketh so Pleyne: A Historical Approach to Plain English (Part 2 of 2), Dr Neil James
  • User-Centred Design of Context-Sensitive Help, Matthew Ellison
  • Author-it Structured Authoring, Paul Trotter
  • Promoting our Profession (or What we can Learn from the Marketing Team), Andrea Tapp
  • FrameMaker Tips: Smart Names for Formats, Hedley Finger

February (PDF)

  • Foreword: Are writing and grammar important?, Andrea Tapp
  • Book Review: The Dont Panic Guide to Annual Report Production
  • by Helen Lewis and Hilary Hudson, Janet Taylor
  • What if Your Readers Cant Read?, Tony Self
  • Word 2007 Myths and Fears, Christine Kent
  • FrameMaker Tips, Bruce Ashley
  • Technical Communication in 1989, Dr Robert Eagleson
  • Manipulating Tables with Excel, Howard Silcock
  • Speketh so Pleyne: A Historical Approach to Plain English, Dr Neil James
  • Keeping a Project Journal, Gerry Gowan