Southern Communicator

October (PDF)

  • Foreword: Back to Basics, Kaye Churches
  • The Business of Freelancing: Money, Rhonda Bracey
  • FrameMaker Tips, Bruce Ashley
  • Developing a Departmental Style Guide, Jean Hollis Weber
  • Work Smarter with Microsoft Word, Kristina Cunningham
  • Measuring Readability Part 2: Validation and its Pitfalls, Geoffrey Marnell
  • Are you Securing enough Career and Business Opportunities?, Vesna Grubacevic
  • Word Tips: How to set up your Quick Access Toolbar, Christine Kent

June (PDF)

  • Foreword: The business of Technical Communication. Bede Sunter
  • Technical Communicator Skills Survey Report, Howard Silcock
  • Technical Communicator or Information Designer: Time to Consider Professional Development, Alison Reynolds
  • The Business of Freelancing: Insurances, Rhonda Bracey
  • Working from Home Can it Work for You?, Sue Woolley
  • The Spirit is Willing but the Flesch is Weak, Geoffrey Marnell
  • Using Quick Tables in AuthorIt Gretchen Rogers
  • Avoid Getting Lost in Translation, Michael Hamilton
  • Learning and the Home-based Professional, Bornwen Campbell
  • On a Mission... (or, How we Migrated to Flare), Margaret Hassell
  • Technical Communication Industry Survey 2008, Techwriter Placements and Services
  • Framemaker Resources, Bruce Ashley
  • Book Review: Writing at Work by Neil James, Janet Taylor