Southern Communicator

December (PDF)

  • Foreword: Looking back on useful SC issues, Janet Taylor
  • Your language needs YOU, David Brewster
  • Using Acrobat 7 for data capture, Steve Moss
  • Assessing the need for change in documentation systems, Peter Meyer
  • New fonts in Windows Vista, Tony Self

September (PDF)

  • Foreword: To Do lists, Andrea Tapp
  • Adventures in Word Software Engineering, Jon Hertzig
  • Working in Global Teams, Melanie Doulton
  • Smoothing PowerPoint text in .gifs, Jason Rampe

June (PDF)

  • Foreword: Intecom, Margery Watson
  • Estimating technical writing resources, Rahul Prabhakar
  • A new medium for technical communicators: Voice Message Broadcasting, Dr Ray Archee
  • Setting standards in exotic Bangkok, Margery Watson
  • Tips for best business writing style, Heather Ker
  • Australasian Online Documentation & Content Conference,
  • Cairns, Janet Taylor
  • Rhonda's Tips: See and See also and Favicons, Rhonda Bracey

March (PDF)

  • Foreword: Raising our Profile, Andrea Tapp
  • Critical strategies for a successful e-learning project, Mark Steiner
  • What is OpenDocument and why should you care?, Jean Hollis Weber
  • Interview: Elizabeth Abbott TechWriter Placements, Janet Taylor
  • Teaching Father, Nahomi Dhinakar
  • Effect of offshoring on Indian technical communication, Melanie Doulton
  • Training Intranet content providers, Nick Besseling
  • Writing procedures like a pro, Jill Nicholson
  • What do employers want from us?, Elizabeth Abbott