Southern Communicator

September (PDF)

  • Foreword: Changes in our Work, Alison Reynolds
  • Generating design ideas Hugh Derham
  • and Jamie Campbell
  • More than user assistance Sandra Postle
  • Technical illustrating - the old fashioned way David Cross
  • Faceted classification Justine Sanderson
  • Improving basic writing skills in organisations Heather Ker
  • Minimising barriers to reading for people with dyslexia Melanie Jameson
  • Typesetting in Word Steve Hudson
  • IT documentation accessibility Richard Hodgkinson and Dennis Bockus
  • Accessible eLearning - the significance of disability
  • issues in the design of eLearning Karen McGinn
  • Book review Online Education: Global Questions, Local
  • Answers edited by Kelli Cargile Cook and Keith Grant-Davie, Andrea Tappe

June (PDF)

  • Foreword: Nationalise or not?, Sue Woolley
  • AuthorIT whats it all about? Rhonda Bracey
  • Semantic structured authoring Tony Self
  • Where do you want to work today? Melanie Doulton
  • Quality printing from CHM files Janet Taylor
  • Type combining and branding Jack Yan
  • Cost-effective Acrobat alternatives Michael Granat

March (PDF)

  • Foreword: Contributing to Southern Communicator, Janet Taylor
  • The road to digital printing, Suchitra Govindarajan
  • Readability and legibility, Hugh Derham & Jamie Campbell
  • Eel meat again!, Richard Hodgkinson
  • Opportunities for technical communicators, Matthew Cumberworkth & Nicola Leslie
  • Do technical communicators in Victoria want professional accreditation, Amy Veerman
  • Accreditation yes, no or maybe?, Andrea Tapp
  • A picture's worth a thousand words, Andrea Tapp interviews Gordon Hill
  • ECAB Eradicate Corporate-speak and Bureaucratese, Deb Doyle
  • Rhonda's Tips: Watermarks, Default table style, Rhonda Bracey