Southern Communicator

December (PDF)

  • Foreword: Accreditation, Sue Woolley
  • Scoping our profession, Gary Calwell
  • ISI/IEC 15910:1999 documentation standard, Richard Hodgkinson
  • Working as a contract technical communicator in New Zealand, Nick Sault and Steve Moss
  • HCI fissions, Phil Cohen
  • So you want to be a technical writer?, Hci
  • Controlling an interactive animated guided tour, April Weiss
  • ECAB Eradicate Corporate-speak and Bureaucratese, Deb Doyle
  • Survey of Australian technical communicators, Jean Hollis Weber
  • Craig's Tips: Acrobat and finding windows expressions in Windows XP, Craig Hadden
  • Word 2003 tip: side by side document viewing, Rhonda Bracey

September (PDF)

  • Foreword: First issue, Margery Watson
  • Saving time and money with web standards, Char James-Tanny
  • Getting there with Google, Suchitra Govindarajan
  • Information on the web - for everyone, Dr Sofia Celic
  • How are ISO standards made?, Richard Hodgkinson
  • How to plane your English, Deb Doyle
  • A new website for Salisbury District Council, Dr Tom James
  • Web accessibility toolbar, ????
  • Why they leave without buying, Gary Bunker
  • The marketing of technical authors, Ellis Pratt
  • Accreditation - an update, Andrea Tapp
  • Introducing the editorial team, Sue Woolley
  • Book reviews: Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss and How to write???
  • Word tips, Gary Bunker
  • Spelling tips, Craig Hadden