A specialist tool for the documentation of organizational activity, business processes and procedures. It has a business framework and language. This provides a structured way to capture and enter business information, making it ideal for large business documentation projects. The framework ensures a certain level of integrity to any documentation change - enabling frequent alteration. The tool can also be used to create software applications.


  • Relatively simple to learn and use.
  • Uses a structured approach, making it easy for people to provide information in a consistent manner and better understand what is expected of them.
  • Uses a set of business objects to define a process, its constituent stages and tasks, along with decision points, parallel processing, flow connectors, and roles.
  • Information can be entered either diagrammatically or using list entry - or both.
  • Links drawing objects using connectors that remain attached to objects as they are moved around, making it easy to update diagrams.
  • Processes can be filtered by role (users assigned to a business function area) and diagrams segmented by colour to identify object groupings.
  • Extensive additional information can be added to the process flow diagram itself or to any defined business process object, including Word templates.
  • Powerful publishing feature automatically creates documentation in a variety of formats (one page HTML, multi-page HTML, HTML Help, Word (portrait), Word (tabular), Excel), and can be filtered by role or process. Information is held as XML, enabling the documentation to be transformed into customized formats.


The structured approach requires the user to learn a specific set of objects that represent components of organizational structure and activity.