Webinar: Seeing our way - Accessibility for the web and print

A webinar with Sarah Maclean and Harriet Kay

Many people would like to make their material accessible to readers who have low vision, but finding how to do that isn’t easy. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • how to deal with the issues involved
  • how to write alt (alternative) text for images
  • how to find the resources you need.

Date and time

The webinar will be held on Wednesday 6th June 2018 from 11:00am - noon NZ time, (9:00am - 10:00am AEST)


The costs for this webinar are:

  • TechCommNZ members (and affiliates: ASTC, NZATD, PRINZ) - $20 plus GST
  • TechCommNZ student members - free
  • Non-members - $40 +GST

Please register through the website so that we can send you details about accessing the webinar session.

About the presenters

Sarah has worked with groups in the disability sector to produce information that is clear, interesting and useful. This includes newsletters and a book. In this interactive webinar, she will share the story of her journey.

She came to editing in 2005 after years of doing other things – and then she met plain language – both a tool and a motivator, it’s been her driving force ever since. And she’s found that, if you’re using plain language, then you’re well on the way to making information accessible.

BE (Before Editing) Sarah did a bachelor’s degree, a diploma of adult learning and teaching, and a diploma in Matāuranga Māori (Māori Studies). She has also worked in education and sales.

When not at work, Sarah is propagating, planting (and weeding) native trees for her family reforestation project near Ōtaki. They are restoring the bush to support its population of rare native snails.

Visit Sarah's website at www.wordsatwork.co.nz

Sarah would like to thank Wavelength Wellington for supporting this webinar

Harriet is a young woman who received a brain injury ten years ago. She has faced a number of problems since, one of them being a significant vision loss. Her experience of life changed dramatically, and it is this new perspective that has made her want a fairer experience, and for all things to be designed so that they are accessible for all.

Harriet would like to thank Community Connections for their support in doing the webinar.

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