StyleWriter is a program that helps people write in a clear, concise style. It searches for thousands of writing faults, including complex words, jargon and abstract words, wordy phrases, hidden verbs, passive verbs, cliches and long sentences. It then pops up advice showing you how to edit each sentence. It's just like having a professional editor highlight the writing problems in any document.

StyleWriter is a great tool for anyone who needs to communicate in written English. Whether it's a technical report, newspaper article, business letter, resume, job application or academic dissertation, StyleWriter edits your draft into clear, concise plain language.


  • Simple to install and use
  • Free ten-session trial. Leave it running for an unlimited amount of editing
  • The words under question are coloured according to the type of "error"
  • Very good way to learn how to write more succinct English
  • Points out how to avoid jargon, overused, vogue or weak words - good for the reader
  • A very useful Help system. For example, a definitions Help that defines the various parts of English
  • Very thorough - nothing seems to sneak through.


  • Doesn't recognise soft returns in Word
  • Doesn't always recognise full-stops in Word, especially in bullet points
  • The text needs more white space for better readability
  • No Find function (that can be found)
  • No active scrolling in the display window.

Contact our partner Write Limited if you have questions about StyleWriter.